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Classic Homemade Hummus With A Twist Of Lime

I have an 80:20 rule. If 80% of what my kids eat can be homemade and healthy, then I go easy the remaining time. Looking at this like the math nerd I am, that’s almost 17 meals and 11 snacks per week that need to be wholesome and nutritious. As a result I am always…

Masoor Daal Kebab | Red Lentil Fritters

An Indian classic, Masoor Daal Kebab is made with red lentils, steamed broccoli + turmeric! Split red lentils or Masoor Dal (dhuli) is one of the more underappreciated lentils in India. They have a delicate and sweet flavour, break down really fast during cooking and a simple, healthy, delicious meal can be ready in way less time than…

Super Simple Tahini Dressing | Good Mood Foods | Maple and Marigold
Super Simple Tahini Dressing

I love quick recipes that use healthy ingredients and work for family dinners in a variety of ways. This simple tahini dressing is just that – easy to make, simple to customize and oh so delicious on just about everything. What is Tahini? Tahini is a paste made with sesame seeds, ground and then stored…

15 Top Foods that Kids Will Actually Eat

Every year, around this time new food trends take over the headlines, and people share what we should be eating and looking for in grocery stores. But let’s be real for a hot minute. “Will kids – yours and mine – eat ANY of the food that’s on the trendy lists?” “Crickets?” No! “Motherless” Meat?…

Packing a School Lunch For Kids

School at lunchtime is no fun. Ours is normally served in the gymnasium, a large smelly room with no air circulation. So I’m not surprised to hear that children are skipping eating lunch and lunch boxes are returning home unopened! Here are some tips to pack a school lunch for kids that they will actually…

Instant Pot Meal Prep for the Week – 6 Meal Ideas and Tips

Meal prep is just one of the ways I stay sane. And when nothing else works as it should during the week, I know this – everybody is hungry at the end of the day. Since the Instant Pot came on the scene, my Sunday meal prep has become a whole lot more enjoyable….and speedy.…

Easy Dinner Recipe With Red Lentils (Crispy Fritter Recipe)

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored as part of the #GetPrepped #LoveLentils campaign. The opinion and narrative is all mine.  Dinner time driving you crazy and looking for an easy dinner recipe? Cooking a wholesome and delicious meal is easy when you have lentils in your pantry. Double the ingredients in this crispy lentil fritters recipe…

Instant Pot Review: 14 Reasons You Need An Instant Pot

I have a thing about kitchen appliances including the Instant Pot. It takes a lot for me to like one, and there’s a reason for it.    My kitchen is tight and storage is limited. So if I buy a kitchen appliance it has to meet atleast these two criteria: 1. Space to store. 2.…

My Food Story & Salmon with Masala Onions

“Is this Canadian food, Mama?” My 6 year old asked just as I was packing her lunch this morning. In the tiffin, I had packed whole wheat pita with homemade hummus, snap peas and cucumber, along with a couple of strawberries on the side. While a normal lunch menu in our house today, this box…

Mini Lentil Pancakes With Cauliflower {Dal Fritters}

Lentils are the original superfood. They come naturally packed with fibre and protein, are low in fat and have amazing cholesterol lowering properties. With these nutritional qualities coupled with a low carbon footprint, one would think that lentils would be a part of EVERYbody’s daily diet. But somehow that isn’t case. Instead of the recognition…

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