Exploring Cultures

I believe in the strength of Canada’s wide open spaces and welcoming hearts.

This country, that is our new home, offers all enough room to explore its culture, and allows global citizens the time to put down roots and tend to them. I love exploring various cultures that come together here along with local Canadian-produced food, nostalgic Indian food, and everything else in between.

Go Small – Low-Waste Ideas to Celebrate the Festival of Diwali

Watch: CHCH Morning Live – Low-Waste Inspo to Celebrate the Festival of Diwali There is a notion about Diwali that’s big lights, new clothes, big gatherings, delicious food and fireworks in the sky, and all of that is true. But this year, in this time, may I suggest we prioritize the planet and go small, and green, […]

Season of Seva - In the Spirit of Service
A Season of Seva – In the Spirit of Service

Every year at this time I get ready for the festive season. Between Thanksgiving, Diwali, birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas, the last quarter of the year just races by. There are many occasions to celebrate and so many opportunities to be grateful. Grateful for this abundance of family and friends, grateful for the opportunities and second […]

Classic Canadian Menu | Maple and Marigold
Contemporary Canadian Food {with an Indian Flair}

I go through a lot of cookbooks. It comes with the job, right? And it’s not just recipes that draw me in but stories about the land and people. This is a peek into my story, along with three of my family’s favourite Canadian dishes…made with an Indian flair. My husband and I moved to […]

Abundant & Sustainable Lifestyle Blog | Maple and Marigold
Reconnect with Food: Meet your Farmer Series

How was our food grown? What resources went into raising it? And why are summer strawberries available all-year round?  There is so much we don’t know about what we eat. Food nourishes the body and the soul but somewhere, on the way to the drive-through, we lost our connection with what we eat. There is […]

Festival of Holi – A Celebration of Colour and Life

Holi is the Indian festival of colours, known and celebrated all over the world. Celebrated over a two-day period, this festival officially marks the end of winter. Or it used to. Depending on where you are in the world, you could still be facing the next snowstorm or no winter at all. But while Holi […]

Dairy Diaries — My Journey with Milk

Locally-grown produce is one of the biggest trends of this past decade. People are slowly moving towards supporting local farmers and recognizing the work that goes into growing our food. But what about milk? I grew up in India where milk and yoghurt were an essential part of our daily diet. Today with family food […]

Memories of Diwali & Inviting the Light

Hello! I am excited to introduce you to Radhika. She’s an aspiring writer and digital marketing consultant. She’s often behind-the-scenes on Maple and Marigold and Nourish by Numbers. After much pleading, Radhika has finally agreed to share with all of us, a peek into her life growing up in India. I’m particularly grateful because it […]

The Big Social - fundraise for a good cause | Maple and Marigold
The Big Social — Fundraise for a Good Cause

Do you feel like the last three months of the year are a blur? The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas and the dropping of the ball at New Year’s Eve goes by very fast. It’s often party central with friends and family, right? What if one of these parties was to fundraise for a good […]

Weekend Getaway from Toronto: Explore Ontario

Living in Toronto is constant fun and excitement but taking a regular break helps us enjoy this city we love even more! With Peterborough and the Kawarthas only a short car ride away, I am amazed how a quick weekend getaway from Toronto can be filled with family-friendly adventures, eco-friendly resorts, beautiful scenery and yummy […]

Meet Lis: Sharing Stories & Bringing People Together

Our food tells our story. What we eat, how we cook, the ingredients we use are all influenced by our heritage and experiences. Meet Lis, developer of delicious food and blogger behind The Subversive Table. Through her food, Lis is sharing stories and bringing people together around the dinner table. I met Lis at the […]

Untitled design (13)
Meet Frances – Language Activist and Latina Mama

When we move homes we take with us only what we can carry. A few important possessions, our experiences and our memories. Many of my memories are around food, that’s how much I love it. What we cook, and how we cook, the ingredients we use, all these are influenced by our heritage and our […]

Meet Vandana Jain – Canada’s Fusion Baker Extraordinaire

Food is the most portable form of history. What we eat, how we cook our food and even the ingredients we use are all influenced by our experiences and our story. Meet Regina’s Vandana Jain, finalist of CBC Television’s The Great Canadian Baking Show who has united people over their common love of food. Our […]

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