Exploring Cultures

I believe in the strength of Canada’s wide open spaces and welcoming hearts.

This country, that is our new home, offers all enough room to explore its culture, and allows global citizens the time to put down roots and tend to them. I love exploring various cultures that come together here along with local Canadian-produced food, nostalgic Indian food, and everything else in between.

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Karma is going to get you: this and other illusions of being in control

Life is spinning out of control. We feel we are behind the steering wheel and focused, but the tunnel is long, and daylight is still far away. Every refresh of our newsfeed is forcing us to react in ways that seemed impossible till recently. Imagine our kids at school, making new friends, learning, and how much […]

What is your favourite food memory?

Memories around the dinner table I can never remember what I did yesterday, but my lunch time memories from when I was achild, those are with me forever. For starters, the meal was always late in the afternoon to make sure we all made it in time to sit down together at the dining table.  […]

Weekend Getaway: Top 11 Things to do in Ottawa

Since we moved to Toronto a few years ago we have travelled around with the kids and taken a number of road trips to explore the area. Every time we make a plan to get away from the city though, the kids ask, “Can we go via Ottawa.” Here are just a few reasons why we […]

Weekend Trip from Toronto: Relaxing at the Viamede Resort

Over the years my family has taken more trips with the kids than we can count. We have moved from India to Canada and places in between, and find the best way to get comfortable in a new city is to get away from it. Road trips, in particular, are a great way to explore the […]

#LaurelvsYanny | Team Yanny vs.Team Laurel | Keeping the kids engaged in the car | Maple and Marigold
Laurel vs. Yanny: The World Is Divided Once Again

The internet is divided once again. There is an audio clip that has gone viral around the world and nobody can seem to agree on it. Some people hear one word and others hear something else entirely. So my question to you is this – are you on Team Yanny or Team Laurel? Laurel vs. […]

7 Tips for a Successful Family Road Trip | Travel with Kids | Summer Travel | Canada | Maple and Marigold
7 Tips to Survive and Thrive on a Family Road Trip

Recently Puneeta and her husband set off on a family road trip. 5 cities, 9 days, 7 people. Non-stop fun, comfortable hotels and glorious sights, but boy, were they glad to be home! Here’s what they learnt from their family road trip. 7 Family Road Trip Tips Last summer my husband and I took the kids […]

3 Tips for Diwali Celebration Canada-style

Diwali, the festival of lights, is an important festival for people around the world.  Friends and family get together over lights, fireworks and delicious food.  Diwali celebration lasts 5 days and is usually between October and November. Badi (big) Diwali falls on a no-moon night, and people of South Asian heritage around the world decorate […]

Erasing the conflict

Raising kids that will change the world takes work and support. The Girl Guides of Canada survey reveals all. With Thanksgiving behind us, and Diwali and Christmas to look forward to, it is officially festival season. For Hindus around the world, this season usually starts with Durga Puja and offering prayers to the warrior goddess, […]

Gift your daughter the chance to be a part of something bigger

I want my kids to have the best start possible. I want them to be confident and lead life with a positive outlook. I want them to grow up with a sense of purpose and impetus ready to shape the world we live in. Most importantly I want them to be happy and healthy. And […]

Tips for Flying the Maple Leaf – Canadian Flag Etiquette

My hubby and I have lived in Canada for almost 15 years and have been Canadians for most of that time. We have been thinking of buying a Canadian flag for a while now, and finally last week on a road trip to Ottawa we walked into a flag shop and bought our very first […]

You know you’re living in Canada when….

Life with two kids is humorous and never boring! My hubby and I moved to Canada a decade and a half ago and in that time have learnt a lot about this country we now call home. Over the years we’ve come across a few experiences that are so typical of life in Canada, I […]

Celebrating Summer in Canada with Sobeys

My husband and I moved to Canada 15 years ago, long before kids were on the horizon. This was at a time when we were only responsible for each other, and our biggest decision was where to dine and which movie to check out that weekend. Like other new Canadians, we’ve learnt lots about Canada […]

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