Exploring Cultures

I believe in the strength of Canada’s wide open spaces and welcoming hearts.

This country, that is our new home, offers all enough room to explore its culture, and allows global citizens the time to put down roots and tend to them. I love exploring various cultures that come together here along with local Canadian-produced food, nostalgic Indian food, and everything else in between.

Parenting in a time of fear and and discontent | Life lessons from Donald Trump | Parenting in the time of Trump| Maple and Marigold

Raising Kids in a Time of Fear

The headlines last November said it all.   “Donald J Trump is the President of the United States.” For months the conversation around our dinner table had been about the US elections, and the blurring of lines between comedy and reality. Every day there were new examples of indecent and mean behaviour from the man […]


12 Family-friendly, Free March Break Activities In Toronto

After spending almost 8 years in Calgary, my husband and I moved back to Toronto a few years ago. Since then we’ve spent time exploring the city that we thought we already knew. Initially, I was a little overwhelmed, Toronto is after all one of the largest cities in North America, much larger than Calgary for […]


5 Books To Add To Your Reading List, Canada

My husband and I moved to Canada almost 15 years ago. Now that I think about it – it seems like a long time. And like a lot of other new Canadians we didn’t know much about the True North when we moved here. Over the years we’ve tried to remedy that gap. After moving […]

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Diverse Books: A Cause That Needs Your Support

My kids are living in a multicultural world. My husband and I grew up in India, and then in our twenties decided to embark on an adventure of a lifetime and moved to the other side of the planet, literally! After a few stops along the way, today we live in what is probably the […]

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Meet Sailaja Joshi – A Mom Who Decided To Change The Story

My husband and I have moved homes a few times since we got married. From India to the UAE and then Canada. During that time we’ve had two kids, changed jobs and travelled to more cities than I can count. But it was only in the last couple years when I started blogging that I […]

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Celebrating Diwali #MyDiwaliStory

Diwali is the single-biggest celebration for more than a billion people living around the world.  I grew up in India where celebrating Diwali meant shopping for new clothes, hanging out with cousins, feasting every day and of course setting off fireworks.  My mom would decorate trays of homemade mithai – sweets – and my brother […]


Celebrating Halloween In A Multicultural Home & A Visit from the Switch Witch

“Happy Halloween?” Say what? That was me 14 years when we had just moved to Canada and I had barely heard of Halloween. The months from October to December are already action-packed with birthdays and festivals that this odd, spooky day at the end of October never really made an impact on my Indian consciousness. […]


Fur-lined Boots and Other Things On My Gratitude List

With Thanksgiving coming up, gratitude is making the rounds. A new school year is well underway, and the hustle of the new routine is settling down. And Thanksgiving feels like the right time to take a breath and give thanks. I grew up in India where Thanksgiving wasn’t really a thing! My family and I moved […]


3 Days In Toronto With Kids

Growing up in India I had heard stories of how beautiful Canada was. Pristine forests, clear lakes and snowy mountains always came to mind when I thought about the True North. But it was really when my husband and I moved here more than 14 years ago that we realised how true the stories were […]

A Postcard from India | Travel with kids | Raising global citizens | MapleandMarigold.com

A Postcard From India

Hi there, You may have noticed that my writing has been a little quiet lately. And no, it’s not the summer burnout with kids at home. I had a big reason, one from a land far far away. Visiting India with kids is a big undertaking but the opportunity to connect with family and the rewards of being immersed […]


29 Essential Tips For Air Travel With Kids

My kids have been travelling since they were 5 weeks old. They have checked off more cities and miles on their passports than many people in their 30’s, and now that they are 10 and 5 years old they are quite familiar with planes, trains AND automobiles. Despite their frequent travel (or perhaps because of it) […]

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Why You Need To Talk About Dalai Lama With Your Kids

When I look back and remember, my most difficult years were Grade 5-7 partly because I moved cities with my parents and had few friends at that time but also because those were the tween years! Aargh! Those blessed dreaded tween years when your brain is changing faster than your body, and sometimes it’s the other […]

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