Exploring Cultures

I believe in the strength of Canada’s wide open spaces and welcoming hearts.

This country, that is our new home, offers all enough room to explore its culture, and allows global citizens the time to put down roots and tend to them. I love exploring various cultures that come together here along with local Canadian-produced food, nostalgic Indian food, and everything else in between.

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Celebrating Halloween In A Multicultural Home & A Visit from the Switch Witch

"Happy Halloween?" Say what? That was me 14 years when we had just moved to Canada and I had barely heard of Halloween. The months from October to December are already action-packed with birthdays and festivals that this odd, spooky day at the end of October never really made an impact on my Indian consciousness. Why celebrating Halloween is part of my Indian festival season In the early days when my hubby and I had just moved to Canada, Halloween was more about watching people get all dressed up and having fun in downtown Toronto. It took me a while...
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Fur-lined Boots and Other Things On My Gratitude List

With Thanksgiving coming up, gratitude is making the rounds. A new school year is well underway, and the hustle of the new routine is settling down. And Thanksgiving feels like the right time to take a breath and give thanks. I grew up in India where Thanksgiving wasn't really a thing! My family and I moved homes every two years. And at that time brand new friends, and new cliques didn't feel like something to be thankful for. But acknowledging our good fortune was a tradition in our family. "Count your blessings," my mom always insisted, and slowly it became a...
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3 Days In Toronto With Kids

Growing up in India I had heard stories of how beautiful Canada was. Pristine forests, clear lakes and snowy mountains always came to mind when I thought about the True North. But it was really when my husband and I moved here more than 14 years ago that we realised how true the stories were Over the years we have travelled across the world from Holland to Kenya, New Delhi to Madrid but the natural beauty of Canada is beyond compare. During our first few years living in this new country we explored every chance we got. And that continued even...
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A Postcard From India

Hi there, You may have noticed that my writing has been a little quiet lately. And no, it's not the summer burnout with kids at home. I had a big reason, one from a land far far away. Visiting India with kids is a big undertaking but the opportunity to connect with family and the rewards of being immersed in the India culture make the cumbersome journey to the other side of the world worth it. Every summer my husband and I pack up the kids and fly from Toronto to New Delhi. The timing of the vacation has varied in the past when coordinating...
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29 Essential Tips For Air Travel With Kids

My kids have been travelling since they were 5 weeks old. They have checked off more cities and miles on their passports than many people in their 30's, and now that they are 10 and 5 years old they are quite familiar with planes, trains AND automobiles. Despite their frequent travel (or perhaps because of it) they hate air travel. Long flights suck the most partly because one is trapped in a tin can breathing recycled air or perhaps every other passenger looks at you with dread. Walking down the plane with my little angels in tow I know what's going...
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Why You Need To Talk About Dalai Lama With Your Kids

When I look back and remember, my most difficult years were Grade 5-7 partly because I moved cities with my parents and had few friends at that time but also because those were the tween years! Aargh! Those blessed dreaded tween years when your brain is changing faster than your body, and sometimes it's the other way around. When you feel the teenage angst but you can't own it, not just yet. Tween life is tough and this year we reached that milestone in our home! A few weeks ago we were going through some rough waters - I in my business partnership...
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Are we raising a generation of scared kids?

Sometimes I feel like other parents think I’m a negligent mom.   My younger daughter’s in kindergarten and she burns off a lot of energy after school while we wait for her older sister to be dismissed - running, sliding, climbing and jumping. The last two are her favourites and now that winter has passed and she no longer has the padding of her snowsuit, skinned knees are a daily occurrence.    I’ve noticed that there aren't that many kids her age around the school yard who are permitted to be quite as adventurous as I allow her to be....
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Thinking of having a second child?

My older brother and I were born 14 months apart. I don’t know how my parents did it but from what I remember, growing up we were in each other’s face a lot. My husband went through the same with his older brother. As younger siblings we were told life was luxurious, coddled, pampered, but only for us. Our older siblings had it tough we were told every day, and that's why fate had to even the score out! You can guess what happened next! My hubby and I were married without children for 7 lovely short years. It was the glory days of spontaneous fun...
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7 Life Lessons To Talk About Before Your Kids Turn 12

This month has been a real time of chaos and transition, and Mother Nature teasing us with a little taste of spring hasn't really helped. With the end of the school year coming up kids have it rough too. A lot has changed about schooling since I was a student but what hasn't changed is how undeniably tough it is. As my older one navigates through the daily schoolyard dynamics I'm reminded of all that I went through. And sitting here counselling my daughter on her tween problems and the importance of standing up for what she believes in, my mind goes to who...
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10 Weird Things I Miss About India

I live in Canada and happily so. At the same time I miss India especially when there's a special day coming up. With colour and lights and decorations on every corner, it feels like home. Can a girl have two homes? I'm living proof she can! Weird Things I Miss About India The idiosyncrasies that I'm used to about India as soon as the plane touches down, the little oddities that are characteristic of the largest and most populous democracy in the world. These are the weird little things that give me pangs living on the other side of the world. Literally...
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