Natural Health

I believe nature has the power to heal through food and herbs, or by pulling us to enjoy the outdoors.

Food is more than just energy; many foods also contain nutrients that nourish and heal our bodies and brain of illness and disease. Nature and its remedies come in many different forms.

Natural landscape with wildflowers next to the lake

Worried about the wildfire smoke? Here’s what you can do at home

There are 400+ wildfires burning in Canada and currently a third of them are in the eastern province of Quebec. If you live in North America (especially on the eastern side) you have experienced the smoke and haze too. It was so bad this week that school kids were instructed to stay indoors and avoid […]

Cooling Foods for summer | Maple and Marigold

Top 10 Foods to Stay Cool This Summer

food can either have a heating effect on our bodies or the reverse, a cooling effect. Here is my Ayurveda-Inspired list of Top 10 cooling foods this summer. There is nothing more comforting than a big bowl of stew on a cold winter’s night. It never fails to make me feel warm and cozy as the […]


15 Top Foods that Kids Will Actually Eat

Every year, around this time new food trends take over the headlines, and people share what we should be eating and looking for in grocery stores. But let’s be real for a hot minute. “Will kids – yours and mine – eat ANY of the food that’s on the trendy lists?” “Crickets?” No! “Motherless” Meat? […]


11 Tips For Eating out with Allergies: India edition

We live in Toronto and travel often especially to visit family and friends in India. This annual trip has been challenging to say the least since being diagnosed with food allergies and intolerances. Over time I have figured out ways to navigate the culinary wonders of Indian cuisine and keep my daughter’s eczema at bay at […]

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7 food additives that may be harming our kids

It’s confession time – candy is popular in my house. We seem to always have enough to power a small town of starved kids at any given moment. And none of this stash of candy is actually *bought* by us. It just seems to appear on the counter every weekend.  Every so often and after […]


4 Travel Essentials That Make for A Comfortable Flight

Travelling with kids is a terrible experience. An easy-peasy 5-hour journey can transform into an all-day nightmare when you add in pee breaks and whining about, “I can’t feel my legs. I think they are dying.” And that’s when you’re on the road with the ability to stop and take a breather. What about long-haul flights? […]

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5 Benefits of Cilantro

Spices and herbs have tremendous healing power, and our bodies already know this. It’s the reason I spoon turmeric powder into my stew at that first sign of frost on the roof. And it’s also the reason I often reach for cilantro. Certain spices and herbs not only add flavour to our meals but also […]


Food Allergies and Food Sensitivities in Kids Can Cause Itchy Skin

My daughter has itchy skin. As it turns out, food allergies and food sensitivities can trigger this. Over the years we have found that the food we eat has a big effect on her, her skin in particular. We manage this through identifying and eliminating certain foods that don’t suit her system.  It’s a lot […]


Kids with Allergies: Why your child may be cranky

My youngest has had itchy skin for a long time. It took us a while before we realized what we were dealing with. As it turns out it’s often difficult to diagnose kids with food allergies. The itchy skin cropped up around the same time as our relocation from Calgary to Toronto so we kept […]

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Back to School Health Tips; Prep A First Aid Kit

A back to school first aid kit – yes, there is such a thing. Back to school is a difficult time of the year. For all my tough talk and the time my hubby and I take to travel and do things that we did long before we had kids, I confess – our lives […]


A Mom’s Journey To Get Her Family Active for Life

As a child, growing up in India, I was reasonably active. My brother and I walked to school, friends’ homes, climbed trees and biked to the neighbourhood park. Over the years I developed some good habits – like yoga in the morning. And then there were some not so great habits – like skipping that morning […]

Spices to Warm You - Indian Spiced Tea | Traditional Kahwa

Warming Winter Spices: Traditional Kahwa Recipe

Are you suffering from the after-effects of a crazy snowstorm? Or wondering if you should make the effort to light up the fireplace? Instead of all that work, I have an easier solution for those cold evenings. A traditional Indian spiced tea. This Kashmiri kahwa recipe is made using saffron, cardamom and cinnamon – all […]

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