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I believe the heart of the family beats in the kitchen. Food fuels our body and nourishes our soul.

I share here real food made using whole ingredients with big flavour, fresh herbs and health-boosting spices, all influenced by my roots in India and my travels. That’s what you will find here. But I’m also not one to spend hours in the kitchen, as you can tell from my healthy shortcuts and tips in every post. My kitchen is a little complicated — we have a number of food sensitivities in the family — so I tend to make food that is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and tomato-free. Often but not always.

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Toasted Coconut and Pecan Burfi: Easy Diwali Sweet

Diwali is around the corner. This means that almost a billion people around the world will be cleaning their homes, buying new clothes, setting off fireworks and gathering with friends and family. Homemade sweets and snacks are a big part of this festival. Here's an easy recipe for toasted coconut pecan burfi, that I tweaked to make in my desi Canadian kitchen. One of my fondest memories growing up was walking around the neighbourhood, carrying beautiful trays, and wishing everyone “Happy Diwali.” My mom would decorate the trays with homemade mithai (sweets) and "voluntell" my brother and me to dress up to...
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Paneer Makhani: Comfort Food Meets Festive Dining

Butter Chicken is a festive meal in many South Asian homes.  It's vegetarian sibling though - Paneer Makhani - that's my all-time favourite. In the past, I rarely made this dish at home because of the multiple steps and the time it takes to put together. Recently, I have made variations to the traditional recipe and simplified some of the steps. And voila, a Paneer Makhani recipe to knock your socks off! What is Makhani The word “makhani” means “of butter,” and yes, there’s traditionally tons of butter and ghee and cream in this dish.  But the reference is to "Makhani" sauce that's...
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Spicy Turkey Ghee Roast Recipe

The entertaining season in our home gets underway with Thanksgiving in early October, winds it's way through birthdays, Diwali, Halloween, and finally gallops towards our wedding anniversary, Christmas and New Year. This Spicy Turkey Ghee Roast recipe has become a festive favourite. It's my version of a traditional and very popular dish from southern India, re-imagined for simplicity in my Canadian kitchen. Spicy Turkey Ghee Roast: a non-traditional twist on a Canadian classic Fiery, tangy and spicy with an unmistakable flavour of spices roasted in ghee, this authentic dish from southern India is not for the faint of heart. A...
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Easy Egg Curry: Weeknight Dinner Made Simple

Eggs are one of the most delicious and versatile ingredients in my kitchen and they make for great a meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner. This easy egg curry recipe in particular, is a family favourite. If you love Indian food and are looking for a quick fix, this dish is for you. Disclaimer: This post is #Sponsored by the Egg Farmers of Canada as part of the #WorldEggDay celebration. I have been compensated to share with you my fondness for all things egg. As always the recipe and opinions are all mine. North-Indian style Easy Egg Curry Egg curries are...
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Where does your food come from?

At the Barn in the Bush, Russell, Manitoba Were you at the grocery store this week? I believe food is central to our existence. But as I stand in the produce aisle, looking at rows of perfectly polished fruits and vegetables while mentally running through the contents of my fridge, the question "where does my food come from" is often the last thing on my mind. Do you know where your food comes from? There are so many unanswered questions about food, right?! Is organic produce more expensive because it’s better for us? Or conversely, is expensive produce better for...
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Easiest Way To Peel Garlic: The viral video and the verdict

Peeling Garlic has to be one of the more (most) unpleasant tasks of food prep. I find it stinky and tedious, to say the least. So when the Twitterverse and Chrissy Teigen told me that somebody had discovered the easiest way to peel garlic, of course, I had to check it out. Recently the world was in chaos. A Korean Grandmother took over the Internet when somebody shared a video of her peeling garlic. She made it look so easy. A sharp knife, the flick of a wrist and she popped one clove out after another. You can see her...
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Seriously Yummy & Forgiving Turkey Burgers

Homemade turkey burgers can be surprisingly easy to put together. My recipe in particular, makes for juicy all-season patties and is a version of the Indian-style Chapli Kebabs. These will impress every time. I always thought of working with ground meat mince somewhat complicated. And then I actually tried it and boy, was I mistaken. I've tried a few recipes now with mince and this one in the Instant Pot was my favourite till I tried this dish. Juicy, seriously yummy Turkey Burgers aka Indian-Style Chapli Kebabs. To the uninitiated Chapli Kebab may sound confusing. In reality, chapli kebabs are...
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Thai-style Chicken mince: Instant Pot version

Bright flavours of Thai basil, coriander, lime leaves and red chillies make this Thai-style Instant Pot Chicken mince a yummy addition to our weekly menu. Serve it with cucumber curry salad, rice and a fried egg like they do on the streets of Thailand or on lettuce leaves if your hubby's doing Keto, it will be fabulous either way. Instant Pot Chicken Mince This dish is a modified version of Thai minced beef that is street food in Thailand. I make it without the use of fish sauce and soy sauce because of our food allergies. Along with some recipe...
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Cucumber Curry Salad: summer on a plate

I love vegetables - as a side or a main - I'm not picky. And because I love them so much I am always looking for dishes that showcase vegetables that my family can enjoy. That's what this dish is - Cucumber Curry Salad that looks and feels like a warm summer's day. If you read my writing - thank you - you know already, I love turmeric. It's anti-inflammatory and healing properties make it a superfood that we should incorporate into our daily diets. A quick search on Google will offer up millions of ways to do just that...
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Instant Pot BBQ Chicken: why and how

Instant Pot BBQ Chicken. Juicy, sweet and sour and totally delish, this dish is made from scratch and it makes you look good with little effort. But why would you make this traditional barbecue dish in the Instant Pot? I remember when I first came across a BBQ Chicken recipe for the Instant Pot. My first thought was - "what a pointless exercise!" Pressure cooking doesn't get the caramelization needed to make a good barbecue, I thought! For a change, I was right but only about the caramelization. What the Instant Pot does really well is to cook the chicken...
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Chia Seed Pudding: Not just for cool people

Tiny, black, oval, at first glance chia seeds look pretty ordinary. This humble seed is one of the most nutritional foods on the planet, and there's a reason why it's often on the breakfast menu in our home. Actually, there are many reasons why! What are Chia Seeds? Chia seeds are tiny, oval seeds of a plant of the mint family. They look a lot like mustard or canola seeds except that these are even more special. For starters, the seed is coated in a hydrophilic substance. This means, for the chemistry nerds here, the seeds soak up liquid really...
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Prep-ahead Turkey appetizer to knock your socks off {Keema Pao Recipe}

I love food. I love feeding people even more, and when the food is nourishing and delicious, isn't that the best combination? Recently I shared with you an Indian family classic with my Canadian twist - Turkey Keema Matar {ground turkey curry with peas}. My kids love it but the best part of the recipe - it freezes so well that I regularly make a double batch and use the leftovers for this delicious appetizer - Turkey Keema Pao.  Keema Pao literally means ground meat with bread. Portable and homey, this is classic street food available on carts and kiosks around western India. In India,...
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