Real Food

I believe the heart of the family beats in the kitchen. Food fuels our body and nourishes our soul.

I share here real food made using whole ingredients with big flavour, fresh herbs and health-boosting spices, all influenced by my roots in India and my travels. That’s what you will find here. But I’m also not one to spend hours in the kitchen, as you can tell from my healthy shortcuts and tips in every post. My kitchen is a little complicated — we have a number of food sensitivities in the family — so I tend to make food that is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and tomato-free. Often but not always.


Quick and Lovely Candied Pecans

Nuts are plentiful in grocery stores around this time of year. They are good for our health and contain high levels of antioxidants and omega-6 fatty acids. The science of Ayurveda also says that nuts warm our body from the inside and that’s exactly what we need during the long cold winter months. So I […]


Wake-up Your Tastebuds Cranberry Chutney

Cranberries are some of the last crops of the season before winter freezes the ground in the northern hemisphere. Despite being a true berry, cranberries are often tart and bitter. I do love their colour though and their distinctive taste. They especially wake up the palate and the dinner table in this family favourite recipe, cranberry […]


Celebrating New Traditions Around The Table {Turkey Makhani Recipe}

Do you like Butter Chicken? This recipe has all of that warm comfort but is made with turkey strips. Interested, yet? This turkey makhani recipe is my take on an Indian classic, reworked for our Canadian kitchen. I have a confession to make.  I love Christmas! From a dressed-up tree to shiny ornaments, the caroling, […]


16 Practical Tips To Get You Loving Your Instant Pot

 Are you a new owner of an Instant Pot? Are you looking at the unopened box and freaking out just a little? Then this one’s for you! 16 Practical Tips To Get You Loving Your Instant Pot I bought my Instant Pot last year during the Black Friday sales and I didn’t open the box till […]


Instant Pot Review: 14 Reasons You Need An Instant Pot

I have a thing about kitchen appliances including the Instant Pot. It takes a lot for me to like one, and there’s a reason for it.    My kitchen is tight and storage is limited. So if I buy a kitchen appliance it has to meet atleast these two criteria: 1. Space to store. 2. […]


Easy-Peasy Peach Chutney

What I miss most about summer is the bounty of local fruits and vegetables. Thankfully I can hold on to that summer feeling through my cooking. Like this delicious peach chutney that has become a family favourite. It works beautifully as a dip or a spread. It feels like summer was a long time ago. […]


3 Wholesome Snack Ideas for After School

Snack time is tough in many homes. Making healthy choices requires work but with some preparation, you can not only offer wholesome after school snacks you can also help older kids learn to be independent.  September always feels like an out of control train going at breakneck speed. Kids go back to school, the routine cranks […]


Gluten-Free Banana Bread with Orange {Dairy-free}

I like baking. Even more so since the kids are getting older. Turning on the oven means they like to get in the kitchen with me. In the winter season baking fills the house with delicious aromas and is an easy way to get dinner on the table. In the summer though it is even […]

The healthiest way to cook broccoli | Kid friendly vegetables | Five a day | Half your plate | Maple and Marigold

The healthiest (and only) way to cook Broccoli

I hear it all the time. My mom said it, every health guru says it, there’s even a million hashtags devoted to it. “Eat your veggies.” I say it to my kids every day. Sometimes, that’s three times a day. “Your body needs 5-8 portions of fruits and vegetables a day.” But there is another […]


Gut Health For Kids: Longterm Habits with #HansDairy

I have two school-going kids who remain mostly healthy. I say “mostly” because for many months in the year between school and after-school programs they are immersed in an unavoidable cesspool of germs. And those germs eventually wind up home to infect the rest of us. Despite being a staunch feminist I admit I am […]


Whole Roasted Cauliflower With Coriander and Mustard

It’s a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by friends and family.  As a result, when festive days like Easter and Diwali come around, I like taking the time and relaxing with my loved ones.  However, before one gets around to the good part, there is the setup, cleanup and the food.  Being a host is […]


Maple Syrup & The Best Chicken Marinade Ever

I did not know much about maple syrup when we moved to Canada 15 years ago. I grew up in India where if you needed sweetener you reached for cane sugar in it’s raw form (gur or jaggery) or as white crystals. If there was a need for syrup, honey was always available. It was […]

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