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I believe the heart of the family beats in the kitchen. Food fuels our body and nourishes our soul.

I share here real food made using whole ingredients with big flavour, fresh herbs and health-boosting spices, all influenced by my roots in India and my travels. That’s what you will find here. But I’m also not one to spend hours in the kitchen, as you can tell from my healthy shortcuts and tips in every post. My kitchen is a little complicated — we have a number of food sensitivities in the family — so I tend to make food that is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and tomato-free. Often but not always.

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Homemade Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino

I am to blame for my kids’ addiction. There’s no doubt about it! I love coffee. The aroma and taste, and when I was pregnant I gave up on the dark stuff for a while. I did end walking by a coffee shop as often as I could to get a whiff of the good stuff. […]

Gluten-free chickpea flour pancakes | Maple and Marigold

Spicy Savoury Pancakes Perfect For Any Time Of Day

Spicy and delicious savoury pancakes, these will satisfy your palate anytime of the day. A breakfast staple in India, my mom loved making these every couple of days. I wasn’t a fan though, and grumbled every time I saw them on the table. And then on a recent trip to visit family in India I found […]

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Mexican Chicken Taco Recipe – Arriba!

When I think of Mexico my mind immediately goes to quaint streets decorated with flowers, men with sombreros, and women wearing  flouncy skirts. I have never traveled south of the United States though and the closest I got to this colourful country was San Diego on the southern end of California. After our first trip […]

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Easy Indian Dessert – Ricotta Burfi {Ricotta Almond Fudge}

I feel as if I have said this before – my sense of smell is my super power. It helps me travel through time and space. Like the aroma of tawa warm chappati and I am home in India in the blink of an eye. The sour smell of golgappa chaat takes me to the bustling  streets of Delhi. […]

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The Only Grilled Chicken Recipe You Will Ever Need

As the weather starts to warm up, the patios pop up on the sidewalks as do the BBQ grills in the backyard. My hubby usually takes charge of the grill – there’s something very manly about the whole hype surrounding the outdoor grill. The recipe and the preparation is still in my charge though, and […]


13 Multipurpose Kitchen Tools Every Home Cook Needs

I enjoy cooking especially when I’m feeling inspired to invent a new dish or recreate what I’ve tasted somewhere else. But as my friends will tell you my kitchen isn’t glamorous – not at all. Think more functional and efficient. And that’s partly because I have limited space and any utensil that gets put away must be multipurpose or super functional. Whatever style […]

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Indian Inspired Green Peas And Paneer

I love springtime. A fresh start and new beginnings for sure and it feels like the earth is coming alive. The green grass is pushing back the brown, and leaf buds are peeking through. This is the time Mother Nature takes over the landscape and fills us with optimism for the months coming up. This […]

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Cooking With Kids: Delicious Homemade Butter In Minutes


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7 Healthy Food Switches To Make This Year

I can’t believe how fast time flies, and with kids around, I feel we rarely stop to breathe. So this year I am taking stock of our life – starting with the kitchen. Here’s to eating better and living better with these simple and healthy food switches.I am a feminist and consider myself a modern, liberated […]


6 Sanity-Saving Kitchen Shortcuts

Juggling family and work along with making time for yourself can be tough. Add in kitchen duties to the crazy mix, and the week can go downhill pretty fast. These time saving kitchen shortcuts are ways I save my sanity in the kitchen and outside. I love eating out where the food is yum AND I […]

Vegetarian Coconut Milk Curry | Maple and Marigold

Quick Dinner Ideas: 25-Min Vegetarian Curry

It was 4:05 pm. I had just walked in after picking the kids up from school. My younger one was sick and the older one cranky. It was crunch time – snacks, homework, multiplication tables, baths, dishwasher waiting to be unloaded, a long list, I know. I work from home so I could have checked […]

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Steamed Broccoli With A Spicy Masala Topping

My mother is an awesome cook. I grew up in a house filled with love and the aroma of delicious food. I wish I could say I learnt cooking at my mom’s knee but that wouldn’t be true. My mom couldn’t drag me into the kitchen to save my life except for the few times […]

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