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I believe we can all lead real, abundant, sustainable and joyful lives that are in harmony with nature.

Together, we can become more aware of our habits that create waste and consumption, and create change. Small steps, sustainable swaps, intentional choices, all can have a big impact on our collective well-being.

Good Food, Healthy Planet book

New cookbook to help people choose low-waste, good-for-us food.

Good Food, Healthy Planet

Your Kitchen Companion to Simple, Practical, Sustainable Cooking  

5 Kitchen Hacks to Feed Your Garden

Many of us are growing our own vegetables this summer, right? Here are 5 hacks that we can use to feed our vegetable garden right from our kitchen. Watch Puneeta on CHCH Morning Live talking about how we can all feed our garden from what we have available in our kitchens. Plants need soil, water and sunlight to grow. They also need decomposing organic matter to thrive. We often think that’s compost and complicated, and it needs to be bought in bags from a special store. But it doesn't have to be that way. Over years of trial and error in...
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7 Simple, Sustainable, Healthy Food Swaps

Recently I have spent a lot of time thinking about good food. We have high expectations of what we eat. It should be tasty, fill our bellies, feel good, get rid of that lingering cold and more. We want our food to do a lot for us. But good food doesn't just stop at flavour and nutrition. It doesn't just stop at how it affects us. Good food should also be good for the people who grow and raise it, and for the planet that supports us all. Here are 7 examples that meet that criteria - simple, sustainable food...
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What if the climate crisis were our biggest opportunity?

First, there was the walrus falling off the cliff. Then came the burning bushfires, and then we were told that microplastics have polluted the oceans and soil, even the food we eat. Tiny, invisible bits of plastic have been found in the fruits and veggies that we eat and feed our children every day. Our lives and the choices we make have immeasurably, irreversibly impacted our health and the environment we live in. And climate change? That's just nature's way of fighting back. We have spent decades increasing productivity and maximizing efficiency with not enough thought given to how finite...
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9 Earth-Savvy Kitchen Swaps

Use This Not That Series: sustainable kitchen swaps to reduce waste at home A worldwide, mountain of research tells us that our waste and consumption patterns need to drastically change if our children and grandchildren are to lead a sustainable and healthy life. This was the reason I started @NourishbyNumbers - a movement to help people make more sustainable choices. But often making those sustainable choices can feel overwhelming - one more thing to do, right? But what if we made it easy? Here are 9 simple-to-adopt, economical and sustainable KITCHEN SWAPS that we can adopt to reduce plastic and...
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Sustainable and EASY Tips to Pack A School Lunch

Packing school lunches during back to school can be overwhelming for kids and parents. New routines, early wakeups and everything else that is going on all at the same time can make school lunches feel like one more item to check off on an already long list. Adding environment-friendly options to that list? That seems like a tall order, right? Here are tips and small changes we can all make to pack a more sustainable and yet easy school lunch. Ditch the single-use everything No more individually wrapped crackers. None of the portion-sized yoghurt either. It's a change I know...
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#3 of #1000WaystoNourish: Takeout without Waste

PLEASE CHECK OUT THE NEW NOURISH BY NUMBERS WEBSITE WHERE YOU CAN FOLLOW THE #1000WAYSTONOURISH. Welcome to NourishbyNumbers, a social initiative from the trenches. This post is #3 in the series of #1000WaystoNourish. Real actions that we can take in our daily lives to change the way we raise, grow, consume and talk about food. #3 of #1000WaystoNourish: Bring your own takeout containers Life is busy and cooking at home often falls last on the to-do list of a crazy day. I'm a huge supporter of homemade food but with family routines and only one person who cooks (me!) we...
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2019 Food Trends Worth Your Time

Every year around this time my newsfeed is inundated with articles on what is trendy and "in". I write about food, so of course, I read about food all the time - I also think, breathe and eat food but that's a topic for another post. Big 6 2019 Food Trends It's a brand new year and the latest foods are piquing interest around the world. From crickets to cheese tea to "motherless" meat, there's a long list of food that people are trying out. The question though is - will your kids actually eat any of the stuff that...
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Do you want a revolution?

2018 has been a mammoth rollercoaster of a year, with high ups and very low downs. I remember last year at this time, I was filled with optimism for what I thought was going to be a vibrant 2018. It didn't quite turn out the way I expected. The rollercoaster started with an unexpected low, and all my energies were needed elsewhere. As the year progressed though, I found 2018 was also a time where I was offered the most opportunity to learn and grow and rebuild. Posing on stage at #GrowCanada18 in Ottawa The story from farm to table...
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What You need to Know Before You Go Grocery Shopping

Over the years grocery shopping has become complicated, and it doesn't have to be. The lists and planning, add to that the latest diet fads and the constant advice of "eat this, not that, and definitely not that," and we can end up feeling overwhelmed right there in the produce aisle. Here are a few shopping tips that will help you the next time you visit the grocery store. Disclaimer: This post has been written in partnership with Half Your Plate. The opinion and grocery shopping tips stated here are honest and all mine.  I grew up in India and...
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Food Rationing, Doing Without and Delicious Broccoli Stems

I grew up in India during a time of food rationing and careful spending. In the 1970s, shortly after achieving independence from the British, India was at war with its neighbours. This was a long and tough period in India's history and the after-effects of the two wars lingered for years. Families (like mine) continued to live frugally with the memory of doing without still so fresh in our minds. My dad was in the Indian military and a brand new officer during the early wars. At that time, food for army soldiers, officers and their families was rationed. The...
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