Sustainable Living

I believe we can all lead real, abundant, sustainable and joyful lives that are in harmony with nature.

Together, we can become more aware of our habits that create waste and consumption, and create change. Small steps, sustainable swaps, intentional choices, all can have a big impact on our collective well-being.

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Food Rationing, Doing Without and Delicious Broccoli Stems

I grew up in India during a time of food rationing and careful spending. In the 1970s, shortly after achieving independence from the British, India was at war with its neighbours. This was a long and tough period in India’s history and the after-effects of the two wars lingered for years. Families (like mine) continued […]

10 Tips Before You Buy Another Food Container

Is this what your cabinet looks like? Mine does! Those are the contents of just one drawer in my kitchen. I have two more that look worse!   As a mother of two, I’m trying to encourage independence in my kids, partly for the sake of my own sanity. Packing lunches and making dinner, chopping celery and […]

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Under The Stars – Essentials Of Backyard Camping

Nothing says summer in Canada like camping. Over the years it has been a regular part of our summer but since we moved across the country and with a second little one we haven’t been camping with the kids as much as we would like (*read never*). Backyard camping became our compromise. A low stress, inexpensive […]

5 Creative Ways For Kids To Love Nature

In Canada I’ve come to expect outdoor season to be brief.  So as soon as the weather warms up, I am on the look-out for creative ways to push my kids outdoors and enjoy nature.  All around me, people bring out the deck chairs, fire up the BBQ and spruce up their gardens. I love […]

8 Amazing Tips To Use Those Leftover Orange Peels

It’s citrus season and with the holidays coming up the kids’ favourite homemade beverage is on the menu. No, not Gatorade but fresh orange juice. My oldest one and I started to cook together last summer and it’s been an interesting journey in the kitchen. Making homemade butter in a jar in less than 8 […]

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10 Tried & Tested Spring Cleaning Tips and Hacks

I wish I had a magic wand that would clean up my house in a flash. But with two kids and their active social life and who regularly build forts in the family room, I feel as if I’m losing this battle. In the absence of a fairy godmother, there’s the internet of course. There […]

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