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Go Small – Low-Waste Ideas to Celebrate the Festival of Diwali

Watch: CHCH Morning Live - Low-Waste Inspo to Celebrate the Festival of Diwali There is a notion about Diwali that’s big lights, new clothes, big gatherings, delicious food and fireworks in the sky, and all of that is true. But this year, in this time, may I suggest we prioritize the planet and go small, and green, and choose low-waste. Reuse, recycle, re-purpose, upcycle all of these words that have the same meaning – use what we have and make it shine to truly represent the spirit of this festival of lights. There is a profound reason why Diwali falls on the...
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How to Make Curry

Watch: CHCH Morning Live - How to Make Curry – October Comfort Cooking Making curry and busting myths. I take what is normally a complex combination of spices and flavours and simplify it using 7 ingredients so it can be replicated in your kitchen even on a busy weeknight. Watch the segment and take your cooking up a notch with my kitchen hacks and planet-friendly twists. How to Make (North-Indian Style) Curry; Sharing Tips and Busting Myths Curry has been making all the food headlines recently so I wanted to come on here and tackle this amazing, aromatic, sometimes-misunderstood dish...
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Sprout Your Own Lentils

Watch: CHCH Morning Live - Sprout Your Own How are you at sprouting? Do you know what they're good for and that you can easily grow your own? Puneeta Chhitwal-Varma showed how. Sprouting Lentils as Sustainable Food Our news feeds are full of climate change stories of record-breaking weather anomalies, out-of-control wildfires, and never-before-seen extreme temperatures. And this is all taking place while we are all still reeling under the impact of COVID-19. We can all make the changes needed for good-for-us, good-for-the-planet kitchen and home habits. This approach, as you may be aware, is grounded in the food...
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Appeal of Cooking with Peels

Watch: CTV The Social - The Appeal of Cooking with Peels Better food advocate Puneeta Chhitwal-Varma whips up tasty meals that incorporate the freshness of fruit.
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Good Mood Food

Watch: CHCH Morning Live - Good Mood Food We hear a lot about comfort food- but what about good mood food? Puneeta Chhitwal-Varma joined us with three dishes that could boost your senses.
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Mood-Boosting Cooking

Watch: CTV The Social - Mood-Boosting Food Strategies and tips to feed the mind. Better food advocate, Puneeta Chhitwal-Varma shares fresh takes on three delicious recipes. Super Simple Tahini Dressing I love quick recipes that use healthy ingredients and work for family dinners in a variety of ways. This simple tahini dressing is just that – easy to make, simple to customize, and oh so delicious on just about everything. Get the Super Simple Tahini Dressing recipe Barley Pulao Barley is an awkward food, right? I never know how to “sell” it to my kids. But once I started...
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Healthy Food Swaps

Watch: CHCH Morning Live - Eat This Not That, Simple Sustainable Healthy Swaps From eating less meat and loving your lentils to trying something new, here's Puneeta of sharing about how simple food swaps in the kitchen can have a big impact on our health and the planet.
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Celebrating Diwali in Canada

Watch: Global News Morning - Celebrating Diwali in Canada Food advocate and blogger Puneeta Chhitwal-Varma showed us how to have a memorable Diwali celebration with some food and entertaining ideas.  
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Sustainable and EASY Tips to Pack A School Lunch

Packing school lunches during back to school can be overwhelming for kids and parents. New routines, early wakeups and everything else that is going on all at the same time can make school lunches feel like one more item to check off on an already long list. Adding environment-friendly options to that list? That seems like a tall order, right? Here are tips and small changes we can all make to pack a more sustainable and yet easy school lunch. Ditch the single-use everything No more individually wrapped crackers. None of the portion-sized yoghurt either. It's a change I know...
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