Take the Pledge

You can make a difference!

Take the pledge to use what you have, reuse what you can, reduce what you throw away, and repurpose the rest.

The world is in the midst of tremendous change. This is not a slow, seeping turnover but a turbulent, chaotic upheaval that we will live through for the foreseeable future.

These moments of chaos can feel overwhelming, like we’re spinning out of control. What can we do to regain the sense of agency that has been missing from our lives recently?

For starters, we can take action. After all, tiny steps and contributions by a large number of people can positively and dramatically improve the collective good.

"All great changes are preceded by chaos." – Deepak Chopra

Take the Pledge

Today, I stand for abundance, justice and inclusion
I am in service of the earth that connects us all.

Today, I pledge to use what I have, reuse what I can
Reduce what I throw away, and repurpose the rest.

No action is too little.
No step too small.

Today, I work to create the life we were meant to live.
For People. For Planet. For All.

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"We have the opportunity to create the future we want." – Naomi Klein