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Cook Once, Eat Thrice on CTV's The Social
Cook Once, Eat Thrice

Cooking in bulk offers many advantages. I was back on CTV’s The Social this week to show how batch cooking helps with time, cost and energy savings, all at the same time. Batch-cooking meals and then refrigerating or freezing for later can save a lot of time and energy. In this TV segment, I offer…

Puneeta Chhitwal-Varma Sustainability Expert and Author on The Social
How Food Diversity Can Save The Planet

Eat something different from the day before Sounds doable, right? Diversity on the plate increases the quantity, quality, and diversity of our gut microbiota which in turn supports a healthy brain. A diverse diet also supports Earth’s biodiversity, which the WHO recognizes as a key threat to human survival. According to the World Economic Forum’s 2020…

Puneeta on The Social speaking about sustainable gardening.
Sustainable Gardening: the Magic of Tea Leaves and Banana Peels

Four tried and tested ways to feed your garden from your kitchen Growing your own vegetable patch this summer? One of the trends that came out of the pandemic was gardening, and research says this fad is here to stay. Puneeta was recently on CTV’s The Social to share how food continues to be beautiful and…

Rotisserie Chicken: Unexpected Weeknight Rockstar

Watch: CTV The Social — Rotisserie Chicken: The Unexpected Rock Star of Weeknight Dinners. Three meals that transform an accessible grocery staple into multiple weeknight dinners that taste great and benefit the health of people and the planet. Rotisserie chicken is a cheap and cheerful item that most people have on their shopping lists, after…

Appeal of Cooking with Peels

Watch: CTV The Social – The Appeal of Cooking with Peels Better food advocate Puneeta Chhitwal-Varma whips up tasty meals that incorporate the freshness of fruit.

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