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7 Tips to Motivate Picky Eaters

Packing school lunches day in and day out is a tough job and if you’re reading this you know you are stressing out about what your kids eat….or don’t eat, every day. Add into the mix picky eaters and kids’ lunch boxes returning home still full every day, and you need to read this. 7…

Food Allergies and Food Sensitivities in Kids Can Cause Itchy Skin

My daughter has itchy skin. As it turns out, food allergies and food sensitivities can trigger this. Over the years we have found that the food we eat has a big effect on her, her skin in particular. We manage this through identifying and eliminating certain foods that don’t suit her system.  It’s a lot…

Kids with Allergies: Why your child may be cranky

My youngest has had itchy skin for a long time. It took us a while before we realized what we were dealing with. As it turns out it’s often difficult to diagnose kids with food allergies. The itchy skin cropped up around the same time as our relocation from Calgary to Toronto so we kept…

Flu-Fighting Beet and Ginger Soup

I like being in the kitchen but only as long as I am pulling together something easy and delicious that I KNOW THE KIDS WILL EAT! But that’s not how this day started.  That day I was wondering how to feed my kids something wholesome that would also ward off their scratchy colds (and mine!).…

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5 Small Steps To A Happy, Healthy Holiday Season

The holidays are a happy time. But with all the entertaining, travel and late nights with close family, this time also ends up being quite stressful. I often make a trip and go back to India to visit grandparents and the extended family. It’s a long flight from Toronto for sure but the kids have been…

How To Get Rid Of Lice – Step 1 PANIC!

Last week I was combing my younger daughter’s hair and I found lice. And even though every article I have read since then on how to get rid of lice tells me NOT to panic! I did! I freaked out! Sadly I’ve had experience with this before – 5 years ago with my older one.…

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