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Cooling Foods for summer | Maple and Marigold
Top 10 Foods to Stay Cool This Summer

food can either have a heating effect on our bodies or the reverse, a cooling effect. Here is my Ayurveda-Inspired list of Top 10 cooling foods this summer. There is nothing more comforting than a big bowl of stew on a cold winter’s night. It never fails to make me feel warm and cozy as the…

15 Top Foods that Kids Will Actually Eat

Every year, around this time new food trends take over the headlines, and people share what we should be eating and looking for in grocery stores. But let’s be real for a hot minute. “Will kids – yours and mine – eat ANY of the food that’s on the trendy lists?” “Crickets?” No! “Motherless” Meat?…

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2019 Food Trends Worth Your Time

Every year around this time my newsfeed is inundated with articles on what is trendy and “in”. I write about food, so of course, I read about food all the time – I also think, breathe and eat food but that’s a topic for another post. Big 6 2019 Food Trends It’s a brand new…

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Karma is going to get you: this and other illusions of being in control

Life is spinning out of control. We feel we are behind the steering wheel and focused, but the tunnel is long, and daylight is still far away. Every refresh of our newsfeed is forcing us to react in ways that seemed impossible till recently. Imagine our kids at school, making new friends, learning, and how much…

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5 Benefits of Cilantro

Spices and herbs have tremendous healing power, and our bodies already know this. It’s the reason I spoon turmeric powder into my stew at that first sign of frost on the roof. And it’s also the reason I often reach for cilantro. Certain spices and herbs not only add flavour to our meals but also…

A Mom’s Journey To Get Her Family Active for Life

As a child, growing up in India, I was reasonably active. My brother and I walked to school, friends’ homes, climbed trees and biked to the neighbourhood park. Over the years I developed some good habits – like yoga in the morning. And then there were some not so great habits – like skipping that morning…

Maple and Marigold
The Best Way to take Turmeric (Easy Golden Milk Recipe)

Winter is here and so is the cold and flu season. Schools, daycare, offices — we’re not safe anywhere. And if you take public transportation then that means immersing yourself in a germ pool from the second you leave the house. Yuck! Scroll down for my easy turmeric milk recipe to combat those germ-y ills.…

5 Health Tips For Kids Going Back To School

Usually by the end of the summer break my kids are done. My oldest looks forward to the routine of school, and honestly, I look forward to having my days back to myself. As a work-at-home mom my biggest challenge is carving out time for work during summer, and striking the right balance between fun,…

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Are we raising a generation of scared kids?

Sometimes I feel like other parents think I’m a negligent mom.   My younger daughter’s in kindergarten and she burns off a lot of energy after school while we wait for her older sister to be dismissed – running, sliding, climbing and jumping. The last two are her favourites and now that winter has passed…

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8 Health Benefits Of Cinnamon

My sense of smell is my super power. A whiff helps me travel through time and space. The sweet and spicy aroma of cinnamon is especially powerful. When I learned about the amazing health benefits of cinnamon, I had to move this spice to the top of my “must-use” list. The smell of cinnamon takes…

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