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12 Family-friendly, Free March Break Activities In Toronto

After spending almost 8 years in Calgary, my husband and I moved back to Toronto a few years ago. Since then we’ve spent time exploring the city that we thought we already knew. Initially, I was a little overwhelmed, Toronto is after all one of the largest cities in North America, much larger than Calgary for…

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Under The Stars – Essentials Of Backyard Camping

Nothing says summer in Canada like camping. Over the years it has been a regular part of our summer but since we moved across the country and with a second little one we haven’t been camping with the kids as much as we would like (*read never*). Backyard camping became our compromise. A low stress, inexpensive…

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Are we raising a generation of scared kids?

Sometimes I feel like other parents think I’m a negligent mom.   My younger daughter’s in kindergarten and she burns off a lot of energy after school while we wait for her older sister to be dismissed – running, sliding, climbing and jumping. The last two are her favourites and now that winter has passed…

5 Creative Ways For Kids To Love Nature

In Canada I’ve come to expect outdoor season to be brief.  So as soon as the weather warms up, I am on the look-out for creative ways to push my kids outdoors and enjoy nature.  All around me, people bring out the deck chairs, fire up the BBQ and spruce up their gardens. I love…

Get Your Hands Dirty This Summer

It’s summer and we’re looking forward to long days, late nights, backyard camping and BBQ dinners. In Canada the outdoor season is brief, and that means we have but a few months to fully enjoy our fun in the sun. That’s what the back yard is all about for me – gardening with kids and…

Create An Outdoor Scavenger Hunt For All Ages

Creating an outdoor scavenger hunt is a fun way to keep the kids occupied and enjoy the outdoors at the same time . Here’s how you can do it. Growing up I remember my mom often said two things “Eat homemade food as much as possible.” And, “Get outside and play. You won’t be bored.”…

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Cooking With Kids: Delicious Homemade Butter In Minutes


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