New Canadian

Tips for Flying the Maple Leaf – Canadian Flag Etiquette

My hubby and I have lived in Canada for almost 15 years and have been Canadians for most of that time. We have been thinking of buying a Canadian flag for a while now, and finally last week on a road trip to Ottawa we walked into a flag shop and bought our very first…

You know you’re living in Canada when….

Life with two kids is humorous and never boring! My hubby and I moved to Canada a decade and a half ago and in that time have learnt a lot about this country we now call home. Over the years we’ve come across a few experiences that are so typical of life in Canada, I…

Celebrating Summer in Canada with Sobeys

My husband and I moved to Canada 15 years ago, long before kids were on the horizon. This was at a time when we were only responsible for each other, and our biggest decision was where to dine and which movie to check out that weekend. Like other new Canadians, we’ve learnt lots about Canada…

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Diverse Books: A Cause That Needs Your Support

My kids are living in a multicultural world. My husband and I grew up in India, and then in our twenties decided to embark on an adventure of a lifetime and moved to the other side of the planet, literally! After a few stops along the way, today we live in what is probably the…

Celebrating Halloween In A Multicultural Home & A Visit from the Switch Witch

“Happy Halloween?” Say what? That was me 14 years when we had just moved to Canada and I had barely heard of Halloween. The months from October to December are already action-packed with birthdays and festivals that this odd, spooky day at the end of October never really made an impact on my Indian consciousness.…

Fur-lined Boots and Other Things On My Gratitude List

With Thanksgiving coming up, gratitude is making the rounds. A new school year is well underway, and the hustle of the new routine is settling down. And Thanksgiving feels like the right time to take a breath and give thanks. I grew up in India where Thanksgiving wasn’t really a thing! My family and I moved…

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