Back to School Health Tips; Prep A First Aid Kit

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A back to school first aid kit – yes, there is such a thing.

Back to school is a difficult time of the year. For all my tough talk and the time my hubby and I take to travel and do things that we did long before we had kids, I confess – our lives revolve around our kids. Our routine is devoted to our children. And ever since I started to work from home (as opposed to having a successful corporate career with relatively stylish and definitely cleaner clothes) I confess – our life revolves around our kids.

So when September rolls around it’s the start of a new school year and a brand new routine. It’s almost like it’s Happy New Year!

Back to school health tips | Back to school first aid kit | MapleandMarigold.comBack to School Health Tips For Parents

September also brings with it germs, and with repeated exposure – infections and sick kids. I’ve seen this happen every September ever since my kiddos started school. And once one is sick, another follows and the rest of us fall like dominoes.

The only way to stave off this germ attack is to have a plan – and a back to school first aid kit. Yes, there is such a thing! Did I say that already?

Recently Boiron Canada invited me for a special launch to meet their co-founder Michele Boiron. Mme. Boiron has recently released a new book where she makes it easy for moms like me to figure out different ways to heal our kids. She suggests homeopathic remedies to get rid of pesky health issues that are a part of having school-age kids.

Homeopathy has always been my first line of defence against daily problems like a cold or a runny nose, cough, sleeplessness or even the dreaded flu. And that’s where building a back to school first aid kit comes in.

Back to school health tips | Back to school first aid kit | MapleandMarigold.comBuilding Healthy Habits

I believe our journey to a healthy body should always start with healthy habits. They are especially important leading up to a new school year. A solid night’s sleep, good handwash technique (Did you wash your hands?), drinking enough water and a sensible breakfast; these habits can help us handle much of what the back-to-school season throws at us. Next, comes boosting the body’s natural immunity and my homemade concoction for a chocolate turmeric lollipop can handle. You can read my tried and tested advice for a healthy new school year including the recipe for the healing turmeric lollipop.

Preparation for Back to School #Choose Boiron

The next step in preparing for a healthy back-to-school season is having a steady supply of natural remedies to heal the initial stresses of a frantic school year. I start with my favourite kid-friendly natural products.

Quietude is a homeopathic medicine that works to relieve mild sleeping disorders and helps in calming sleeplessness that comes as a result of nervousness. The school season starts with anxiety, and this remedy helps iron out irritable behaviour and calm the tension that comes with facing change.

Back to school health tips | Back to school first aid kit | MapleandMarigold.comOscillococcinum is known to reduce the duration of flu-like symptoms such as body aches, headaches, fever and chills. The remedy comes in little vials and the medicine is easy to swallow for kids.

Stodal syrup is a homeopathic remedy used for cold symptoms like nasal or chest congestion, runny nose, sneezing, a minor sore throat, or even a dry or phlegm-y cough. 

An irritating cough or a sleepless night may seem like small things but coupled along with the stresses of a new school year and kids can easily fall ill. It’s just September and a brand new school year – who has the time for a sick day?

Disclaimer: I have been compensated by Boiron Canada for sharing with you my honest opinion of homeopathy products. They are a regular feature of my healing routine and hope they will become yours too.

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Raj @
6 years ago

I’m having a hard time remembering what it was like for us growing up… Did we catch everything that went around the classroom? I don’t think I did, but I’m guessing it’s because we were so much healthier as a society – better food, more connected, more active…. I’m glad Boiron seems to be making a difference!

6 years ago

That’s one of the things i worry about with the kids going back to school. All the germs and getting sick. I’ll have to check out this Boiron product!

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