Get Your Hands Dirty This Summer


Gardening with kids | $100 Canada Giveaway| MapleandMarigold.comIt’s summer and we’re looking forward to long days, late nights, backyard camping and BBQ dinners. In Canada the outdoor season is brief, and that means we have but a few months to fully enjoy our fun in the sun. That’s what the back yard is all about for me – gardening with kids and having a barbecue or a picnic.  And if some of the strawberries and mint were grown in our own backyard – even better.

My kids are 13 and 8 and they love spending time outdoors. They seem to argue less outdoors and I’m not called upon to referee as much. They both love being immersed in nature and we are thankful we don’t have to go far. Our backyard is interesting enough to keep them entertained for a while. That’s why I’m always on the lookout interesting activities to get them outdoors. A nature scavenger hunt, a water gun fight, hide and seek, backyard slip and slide – there are many creative and fun ways to spend time outdoors. This week we are focusing on the backyard and gardening with kids is a great way to get their hands dirty. 

Gardening with Kids

My 13 year-old built a fairy garden a few years ago. Yes, a fairy garden. My hubby and I made a miniature garden for the kids’ Lego Friends and that was a lot of hard work. Building a hut from balsa wood for the Lego Friends to hang out needs tools and patience and a lot of adult intervention. Sadly, we didn’t think about making the miniature garden weather-friendly and it wasn’t suitable to bring inside. The first hail storm and you can guess what happened. Then the kids made a fairy garden in a planter that could be brought indoors at the first sight of stormy clouds. Gardening with kids | $100 Canada Giveaway|

Growing A Pollinator-Friendly Garden

My younger one had a visit from folks at the “Scientist in the School” program a while back and they talked about bees and the trouble they are facing in Canada and Northern US.  At her young age, she already understands that pollinators need our help. Happily, there are series of perennials that grow without the use of Neonicotinoids – a systemic pesticide. I am glad that bees and butterflies can enjoy these plants without fear of harming their species.  Ask your local garden store or nursery for a list of plants suitable for pollinators.   And the joy of having beautiful butterflies fluttering in the garden, that’s just a bonus!Gardening with kids | $100 Canada Giveaway|

Lastly, the kids wanted to grow some food in the backyard. So strawberries and raspberries here we come. Or perhaps Framberry strawberries, a delicious strawberry that has a sweet, raspberry flavour!  Another fragrant addition to your garden – herbs.  Rosemary, lemon verbena and mint have already found their place in my herb planter. And not just any mint but Mojito mint. I’m ready for summer!  So what are you waiting for?  Go out and tend your garden.Gardening with kids | $100 Canada Giveaway|

This post was originally written in collaboration with President’s Choice #PCGarden summer campaign. I’m glad to share our love of gardening with you through this gardening story.

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angela m
8 years ago

My dream garden has green pepper, lettuce, tomatoes, and green onion

8 years ago

My dream garden would be full of flowers and different shades of greenery. Also a veggie garden that would have no weeds and perfect mounds and boarders 🙂

Anne Taylor
8 years ago

My dream garden is a raised one with lots of chives, rhubarb, raspberries, peas and tomatoes!

8 years ago

oh, i would love a beautiful lush flower garden, that requires no weeding whatsoever!! Lots of wild flowers, sunflowers, hostas — everything green and healthy!! And, a nice water feature, with goldfish, and rocks!! Sigh.

8 years ago

Lots of very bright flowers!

ivy pluchinsky
8 years ago

My dream garden is raised flower beds with a walking path in between so its easy to get the produce!

8 years ago

Beautiful flowers and shrubs. Nice large veggie garden and herbs also.

8 years ago

My dream garden would have lots of flowers in it with a stone path and trellis.

Rhonda W G.
8 years ago

I love the look of wildflowers and stone statues of angels…Lots of color!

Brandee H
8 years ago

My dream garden has lots of shade to rest under and enjoy. Fruit trees heavy with mangos, berry bushes filled with strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Tomatoes, lettuces, carrots. A patch with pumpkins and squash. And an area with lots of herbs and lemongrass (contained to a container).

Diana Corlett
8 years ago

My dream garden is punctuated by blocks of flowery colour, amid the lush greenery of all my favorite vegetables!

Amy Heffernan
8 years ago

Lots of veggies and many beautiful flowers.

8 years ago

My dream garden includes a pond with fountain and magical fairies. Not sure the fairy part will happen but maybe the gift card can buy me a figurine.

Tiffany Rotulo
8 years ago

My dream garden would be full of herbs. My favorite is basil and parsley.

Darrah Bailey
8 years ago

ROWS of veggies, and flowers all over the edge (That’s how my Baba’s garden was and it was JUST perfect 😉 )

Robyn L
8 years ago

it would have rich soil, a flower border of Perennials and a weeded veggie area.

8 years ago

Full of wild flowers and a shady hosta area.

Florence C
8 years ago

My dream garden has beautiful flowers in on area and an assortment of veggies in another area.

Tricia Hope
8 years ago

My garden has successive blooms all year long.There is a herb bed,tomatoes,mescalin mix and a cutting garden.There is a winding pathway and a small water feature.

Juliee Fitze
8 years ago

My dream garden would be full of veggies that I could eat all year around.

8 years ago

My dream garden is a fruit and vegetable garden with berries,peppers, cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes

Mary Davies
8 years ago

My dream garden has rose bushes, sweet William, Daisies, Black-eyed Susan, nasturtiums,zinnias, phlox, lupins, plus vegetables with a variety of heirloom tomatoes, sweet peppers, red onions, lettuce and kale, plus a small herb patch with thyme, sage, parsley, rosemary, chives and lavender.

Andrea Amy
8 years ago

My dream garden would have lots of fresh berries and vegetables, a cherry tree, bleeding heart bushes and other pretty flowers

Joni W
8 years ago

My dream garden is like a fairy garden but life sized. I already have a biiiig vegetable garden, and love it. nothing beats fresh vegetables

Donna Dufresne
8 years ago

we are doing my garden this weekend with some rosettes petunias marigolds we also have my bleeding heart bushes we planted last year they are so pretty there will be a few other colorful flowers as well but these are my main ones

Kim Tanti
8 years ago

I would love to have a herb garden with a ton of basil.

8 years ago

My dream garden is a raised bed so it is easy to weed with lots of roses and easy to care for shrubs

Jana Liu
8 years ago

My dream garden would have lots of lavender, mulberry bushes, and lots of wisterias

kristen visser
8 years ago

My dream garden involves nothing but greenery, a little pond and little bridge and a cute little fairy garden

sabina Edwards
8 years ago So this is NOT my yard, its from the house that has a hair dresser in it..and wow, she certainly does know what to slap together to make it look stunning… my yard needs a ton of work…If there was a no expense limit I’d get the lawn in front leveled (we had three huge trees in the front yard and that really needs the most work) I’d have the walkway moved to the middle of the yard and go directly to the front door. The current walkway would be removed and that would make the driveway a decent width (dont get me started about winter and snow lol) I’d also get the driveway leveled and re graveled …I’d put a wooden deck over top of our crumbling cement front step, have a bitro table out front for me to drink coffee at 5am when I wake up (With the birds) my front yard is NOT attactive OH if money was no object eh? Sadly I am currently on medical EI so not much happening this summer for me

Tracy D
8 years ago

Our dream garden would be very woodsy, lots of trees, foliage, and wildflowers.

Judy Cowan
8 years ago

My dream garden would be full of vegetables and fruits. Have always wanted to grow my own food but have never had the yard to do it in.

joanne darrell
8 years ago

My dream garden has lots of colour and raspberry bushes.

8 years ago

It would have tomatoes and basil, and lots of pansies and Zinnias for lovely.

Jenness M
8 years ago

My dream garden would have hydrangeas, peonies, roses and lilacs with a side of raspberries!

Wayne Lecoy
8 years ago

It would be great to win this President’s Choice Prize Pack.
In response to your question of
What does your dream garden look like?
My dream garden would have Roses,Daffodils,Peonies,Tiger lilies,
Begonias and a Lilac Tree.
It would also have a water fountain and some statues.
Thank you for having this giveaway.

8 years ago

I would have endless rows of tomatoes, corn, carrots, beans, herbs, kale, spinach…I could go on! I actually have most of these already in the garden, just not as much as I would like!

8 years ago

My dream garden would be full of sweet smelling roses and peonies with lots of colour.

Belinda McNabb
8 years ago

my dream garden would be filled with lots of flowers that are purple and white

Monique L.S.
8 years ago

My dream garden would have a little waterfall, so I could hear the trickling water. And hopefully a lot of colourful birds would come and visit..

8 years ago

My dream garden looks like a giant fairy garden. It’s full of flowers and sweet treasures like fairy doors and mini fairy houses. Something little children would love to come and see.

Catrina Lyttle
8 years ago

My dream garden would have lots of roses and hydrangea.

Jenny M
8 years ago

My dream garden will be filled with beautiful colourful flowers!

8 years ago

My dream garden would be filled with beautiful flowers!

8 years ago

My dream garden has lots of rose bushes and tulips!

8 years ago

My Dream garden would be one that grows lots or colourful flowers and fresh veggies..

Angela September
8 years ago

i don’t have the greenest thumb so my dream garden would be simple and easy to maintain with beautiful colors and a serene reading area

Kate S
8 years ago

My dream garden is a colourful mix of annuals and perennials!

Bailey Dexter
8 years ago

My dream garden would be Zen! I love a peaceful place to sit & relax to think!

Catherine Robichaud
8 years ago

My dream garden would be full of all different colours and types of flowers and I would also love to have a Fairy Garden.

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