A Mom’s Journey To Get Her Family Active for Life


Active for Life | #AFL30days | Maple and MarigoldAs a child, growing up in India, I was reasonably active. My brother and I walked to school, friends’ homes, climbed trees and biked to the neighbourhood park. Over the years I developed some good habits – like yoga in the morning. And then there were some not so great habits – like skipping that morning yoga for a few extra minutes of sleep.

Moving to Canada with my husband 12 years ago was a brand new chapter in our lives. It took us a while to get comfortable in this new country that we now call home. And I found being active actually helped us adjust to life more easily. From the Indian tropics to snowy Alberta. From leisurely strolls while catching up on gossip, to hiking, skiing in the Rocky Mountains. I admit the change was drastic but it helped us fully enjoy our new life in the Great White North.

A Mom’s Ongoing Journey 

Today, many years, cities and two kids later my perspective on the need to be active has evolved. I realize it’s not just about appearances but a path to long term health and wellness. Since the kids came into the picture, I find I am constantly looking for ways to be active in our normal day-to-day life. 

If my somewhat laid back childhood has taught me anything, it’s that play is important, whether it is in a structured class environment or in the backyard, throwing a ball around or dancing in the living room. It is now our job as parents to teach our kids to enjoy being active, and to give them the building blocks of movement like running, jumping, balancing and coordination to set them up for a healthy future.

My partnership with Active for Life came from this desire to continue to be active and instill a love of movement in my kids. Thankfully I already see my kids far ahead of what I used to be at their age, and I want to maintain this momentum. Active for Life | #AFL30days | Maple and Marigold

30-day Family Physical Literacy Challenge #AfL30days

To help build a culture of movement in our families, my friends over at Active for Life have a challenge for all of us. This March follow along with them on Facebook where they will be sharing easy activities to get the entire family moving. It’s a challenge you will want to take to help your family be active and have fun all month long. And you may see some familiar faces along the way. Yes – my family and I will also be along for the ride. 

Participation is easy, and there is no penalty for missed days. Just remember to share your pictures using the hashtag #AfL30days so that we can follow along with each other on this journey towards a more active lifestyle.

Looking forward to seeing you out there!



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Puneeta Chhitwal-Varma
9 years ago

Thank you 🙂

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